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Promoting strong cash flow for small businesses

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Here at Cutpay we understand how critical strong cashflow is to sustain and grow small businesses. According to research after five years just four in ten small businesses will still be trading.



Poor cash flow has been identified as a major contribution to the failure of small businesses across the UK. This problem is one of the reasons why these businesses are hesitant to introduce card machines as an alternative method of payment. Solely sticking to a cash business does allow immediate payment however, with over half of all UK purchases being made by card this is jeopardising your customer base.

Although it isn’t as immediate as being paid in cash, with Cutpay it’s possible to receive funds from all debit and credit transactions the following day. This gives you access to your takings faster than ever before and supports your goal of positive cash flow.

There are many other ways to assist in reaching your positive cashflow goals and therefore important not to rely on just one source. The “UK’s No.1 starting a business resource” has some great tips (Startups)  

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