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ICRTouch – Industry recognised software for restaurants, takeaways, bars, retail and hospitality.


ICRTouch’s flagship Electronic Point of Sale touch screen till software TouchPoint is effortless to use, reliable and proven.


TouchPoint has been developed over 30 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge.


ICRTouch TouchPoint is the most reliable EPOS software of its kind on the market. It has over 30 years’ experience in developing and supplying EPOS systems and we’ve sold nearly 100,000 EPOS software licences.

What's this about

TouchPoint is our state-of-the-art flagship till software. It is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge. It scans, totals, handles cash and cards and even includes integral loyalty software. It offers unrivaled flexibility and opportunities to customize.

What can it do?

  • Clerks Float
  • Multiple Users
  • Instant Recall of Saved tab
  • Clock In/Clock Out
  • Staff Working Rotas
  • User Restrictions
  • Auto Sign off for Clerks
  • Login via iButtons/Swipe cards
  • Item search
  • Layaway
  • Price enquiry
  • Input multiple quantities of items
  • PLU departments
  • PLU groups
  • PLU note
  • PLU recipe items
  • Real-time PLU programming
  • Multiple item amendments
  • Backup/restore database
  • Stock control and display on button
  • Multiple price lists
  • Set menu
  • Mix & match
  • Schedule price changes
  • Price modifiers
  • PLU pricing by weight
  • Cost price
  • Time zones/happy hour pricing
  • Real-time price changes
  • Discount by % and amounts
  • Complete, customisable menu with bestsellers on quick screen
  • Split bill by individual item
  • Bar tabs
  • Receipt on/off
  • Prompt for cashback
  • Quick cash off
  • Pay by card
  • Reprint bill
  • PDQ link
  • Kitchen instructions
  • Multiple kitchen printer control
  • Customizable kitchen printer layout and messages
  • Table reservations
  • Online table reservations
  • Table plan
  • Deposits for tables
  • Loyalty cards
  • Loyalty discount system
  • Loyalty points system
  • Customer enquiry
  • Customer database
  • Expiry dates on customer accounts
  • Blacklist customers
  • Customer credit
  • Built-in customer loyalty scheme
  • Stock sales reports
  • End of day reports
  • End of week reports
  • End of month reports
  • X reads
  • Z reads

Some of our ICRTouch Software Skins


Dry Cleaning


Hair Dresser



Dry Cleaning


Hair Dresser


Why so many businesses use CutPay for EPOS hardware and software?

Easy setup

Easy installation process with full aftercare and support


Technical Support

Free 30 Days technical Support


Low Price Level

Lowest price guaranteed – and we’ll match any other price


Fast and Efficient

Process orders up to 68% faster!


Free Warranty on all of hardware you buy from us

Exceptional service & Full support

Dedicated UK wide on-site and remote technicians

ICRTouch Software AddOns



Touch Point Logo

State-of-the-art flagship till software. It is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge. It scans, totals, handles cash and cards and even includes integral loyalty software. It offers unrivaled flexibility and opportunities to customize.



Touch Office Web

Online, web based version of our back office software. This allows access to real time sales information from anywhere in the world using any web enabled device. Can also integrate with your CCTV system.

Username: demo
Password: demo


An addon to your website that allows your customers to easily make table bookings online using their smartphone or any web enabled device. It also boasts real time integration to the TouchPoint EPoS System.

TouchStock Logo

A small and mighty hand-held stock control device. It counts stock, scans bar-codes, checks deliveries and generates labels. It syncs with TouchOffice to create orders and update databases.

TouchLoyalty software

Add-on customer loyalty software designed to complement TouchPoint. The clever and flexible way to monitor your customers and their spending habits, allowing you to plan and deliver promotions.

TouchKitchen Logo

Delivers food orders to the kitchen while eliminating the need for paper and print-outs. Collates and displays information directly from the till or hand-held ordering device. Makes orders clear and legible, speeds up service, reduces mistakes.

Paper-free food and drinks ordering. Takes payments at the table. Sends information from table to chef in seconds. Improves service times and reduces mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICR Touch software?

ICR stands for intelligent character recognition. Our ICR Touch flagship software is an electronic point of sale(EPOS) till system which is one of its kinds in the market. It is reliable, effortless, and provides cutting-edge solutions. It helps you in various activities like scanning, totaling, cash and card handling, and even includes integral loyalty software. You can customize this software according to your requirements as it is flexible.

In which services this software can be used?

Our ICR touch retail and hospitality EPOS software can be used in various services. Some of them are:

  • Staff management
  • Item management 
  • Menu & Pricing 
  • Orders & Payment
  • Table Reservations 
  • Customer Management
  • Reports
Is this software easy to use?

Touchpoint is our flagship software which is effortless to use, reliable, and cutting edge software. This EPOS Software system has been developed over 30 years with upgrades that have made it reliable and proven in the EPOS market.

Can I customize it according to my business requirements?

Yes, our retail and hospitality EPOS software is very flexible and customizable to various types of business. As each business is different with its requirements, so we make sure to customize according to the business.

How is the setup process?

Our EPOS hardware and software till system has a very easy installation process with full aftercare and support provided to you whenever needed.

Do I get addons with this software?

Our ICR Touch software comes with addons to assist you in your various business activities. 

  • Touchpoint  – It is an efficient, effortless, and reliable software addon that can scan, handles cash and cards, and even includes an integral loyalty software.
  • TouchOffice Web – It is a web-based version of our back-office software. It allows access to real-time sales information from anywhere in the world and one can also integrate it with the CCTV system.
  • Touch Stock – A small handheld control device that counts stock, scans bar-codes, checks deliveries, and generates labels. 
  • Touch Loyalty – It is customer loyalty software designed to complement Touchpoint. It allows you to monitor your customer’s spending habits in an easy and flexible way. Using this you can plan accordingly for your promotions.
  • Touch Kitchen – It helps you deliver food orders to the kitchen eliminating the need for the use of paper and print-outs. It speeds up the service by making orders clean, legible and also reducing mistakes.
  • Pocket Touch – It improves the service time by taking payments at the table and sending the information from the table to the chef. It makes paper-free food and drinks ordering.
Do I get any support?

We provide full aftercare services and support whenever it’s needed. Our free 30 days technical support will let you handle all the processes smoothly. Also, we offer you remote support wherever possible. This saves time as the engineers do not have to visit the site. The support is delivered via email, telephone, and remotely via Teamviewer.

What is the price of this software?

We guarantee you the lowest price in the market and we will match any other price. We make it our maximum effort that you pay less every time.

Is this software efficient?

Yes, this  EPOS system software is fast, reliable, effortless, and offers flexible efficient solutions. Our Touchpoint software processes orders up to 68% faster.

Is there any warranty given with this software?

Yes, the hardware comes with a free 12 months warranty, so you can focus more on your business activities with our updated and fast software providing you solutions.