Start taking card payments at your counter


Ideally suited for when you are face-to-face with your customer

Counter-top card machines are used and trusted by many UK businesses.


Latest Ingenico & Spire terminals

Along with the latest PCI PTS 3.x security so you know your payments are in good hands and compliant


Modern & Sleek Design

This system also features a modern colour display, being used even by some post offices


Free Card Machine Rolls

Get two free card machine rolls when you choose CutPay


Next Day Hot Swap Available

If we can’t fix, we’ll send new machine within 24 hours


UP TO 50%


UK Technical Support

Choice of

Spire & Ingenico Terminals

We'll Beat any

Like for Like quote

Why choose a fixed card machine?

Easy setup

Easy installation and setup. We can also help you through the whole process with full aftercare and support


Technical Support

At CutPay we offer 24-hour technical support. We provide full on-site and remote support from our dedicated technical department.

Accept all major cards

Start taking all major credit or debit cards. Also these machnes are able  to process chip and pin contactless and Moto payments


Fast and Efficient

Quick way of taking payment, it serves customers faster because it can process the payment in less than 2 seconds

Phone / Broadband

These card machines can connect with your phone line, therefore does not require Wi-Fi or internet access

PCI Compliance & Authorization

We support you with PCI compliance. Transactions are authorised and authenticated immediately.

Fixed card machines or terminals are devices that accept credit and debit card payments through a cable plugged into your phone socket. They are great for accepting credit or debit cards. The businesses that usually would use fixed card terminal are, for example, general dealers, petrol stations, and travel/estate agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get wi-fi or a broadband connection?

No, you do not need any wi-fi or broadband connection for it. You just need a phone line connection and your terminal is good to go.

How much I can save by using Cutpay?

You can save up to 50% using our payment solutions and we will beat any like-for-like quote. So you save on every single transaction.   

How is the setup process of this card payment terminal?

This terminal has a very easy installation and easy setup process and we will help and support you all along the process.

What if an issue arises in the machine?

If any issue arises in the credit card payment machine will try to solve it as soon as possible. And if we can’t fix it, we have an option available called ‘Next Day Hot Swap’ in which we will send you a new machine within 24 hours.

Are the card payments made through the terminal secure?

Cutpay uses the latest Ingenico and Pax terminals along with the latest PCI PTS 3.x which makes the transaction safe and secure. We also support you with PCI compliance, to make sure all the transactions are authorized and authenticated immediately.

Where can be these terminals be used?

The fixed terminals can be used on the counters at the point-of-sale of the businesses. These are best suited for when you are face to face with your customers. These fixed terminals are trusted by many UK businesses.

Which cards are accepted for payment using this machine?

Using this fixed terminal you can accept all major credit or debit cards. Also, you can process chip and pin cards using this payment machine contactless

What are the features of this fixed terminal?

This fixed terminal is a modern and sleek designed machine with a modern colour display. Many businesses use fixed terminals like for example petrol stations, travel or estate agents, and post offices. You also get two free machine rolls when you choose our services.

What support would I get?

We at Cutpay offer 8am-8pm seven days a week technical support to assist you with your queries. We also provide full on-site and remote support with our dedicated technical department always there to help you. 

How fast are the payments?

Our terminals are a quick way of taking card payments. The payments get processed in less than 2 seconds and it serves the customer faster and more efficiently.