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The Internet presents a massive opportunity for your business whatever your sector and your business size. It’s no exaggeration to say that the growth of the Internet has caused something of a business revolution, seeing that more than 32 million people in the UK are now online shoppers.


We provide a full comprehensive package for your website, which includes a merchant account and access to the Payment Gateway. In a single phone call and we can get all of it set up for you.We are compatible with most major shopping carts. systems.

‘Gateway’ & ‘E-Commerce’

Gateway and e-Commerce are typical terms used in Online Payments transaction processing. To understand what these are all about, we should first explain what e-commerce is and how it is achieved through the use of the payment gateway.


E-Commerce, as the name implies, is the process of initiating, carrying out and completing commercial transactions Online Payments or via the internet. It allows for the trading of goods and services over internet and other computer networks by enabling traders to offer their goods and services Online Payments.


Once these are available, e-Commerce allows potential buyers to not only view the goods and services available Online Payments but to also make payments for their purchase over the internet.

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It allows you to set up recurring payment requests weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


To reduce the level of PCI DSS compliance required by a merchant, tokenisation provides the option to send the card information via XML API and receive a ‘token’ back to be used for future transaction requests. This removes the necessity for merchants to store information locally.