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Portable Terminals

Start taking card payments freely around your business premises



Truly Portable

Ideally suited for when you want to serve customers where ever they are located; most often used in a restaurant environment or night club



These terminals are really secure and fully comply with PCI requirements, being set-up to handle the latest challenges in terms of security


Contactless Technology

Contactless technology is also built in as a standard feature. This can all be integrated into your point of sales or stand-alone.


Latest Ingenico & Spire terminals

With modern and sleek design


Free Card Machine Rolls

Get two free card machine rolls when you choose CutPay


UP TO 50%


UK Technical Support

Choice of

Spire & Ingenico Terminals

We'll Beat any

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Why choose a portable card machine?

Easy setup

Easy installation and setup. We can also help you through the whole process with full aftercare and support


Technical Support

At CutPay we offer 24-hour technical support. We provide full on-site and remote support from our dedicated technical department.

Accept all major cards

Start taking all major credit or debit cards. Also these machnes are able  to process chip and pin contactless and Moto payments


Fast and Efficient

Quick way of taking payment, it serves customers faster because it can process the payment in less than 2 seconds


Ideal for Multiple Departments

Bluetooth portable terminals are also great for accepting card and debit card payments if you have multiple departments

PCI Compliance & Authorization

We support you with PCI compliance. Transactions are authorised and authenticated immediately.

Take Payments on the move

Using chip-and-pin to process the customer’s card details, these devices can be carried freely around

Future-proof payment system

These machines have special features to allow them to accept store cards and are future-proof with NFC chips in to accept payments with smartphones (a trend which has really begun to take off in the UK)

Phone / Wi-Fi / Broadband

These terminals only require one phone line even if you have multiple terminals set up

The ideal option for multiple terminals would be a portable Bluetooth machine, which is most often used in a restaurant environment or night club.