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How Reservation Systems can help reduce your restaurants no-shows…

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Reserved TableThe restaurant industry is forever changing but it has become evident that one thing is here to stay: restaurant technology. In this world of technology customers are all about convenience and when it comes to restaurants, mobile reservations are at the top of the list. Systems such as TouchReservation are offering restaurants so much more than a simple booking system. It’s a way to tackle no-shows, take online reservations, enable payments and drive business at quiet times.

No-shows within the restaurant industry is on the increase and owners are really starting to feel the negative repercussions of this. Damian Wawrzyniak, owner of House of Feasts in Peterborough, commented that “no-shows” cost his business £3,000 in just one weekend. Issues such as this are putting restaurants off online reservation systems due to the ease of booking, however in a world of technology you don’t want to get left behind.

TouchReservation has features which allow restaurants to help combat no-shows. Debit or credit card details upon booking can be made essential to protect against no-shows. Either full pre-payment, deposits or simple storing of card details to charge the card in the event of a no-show. The system also allows restaurants to send out automated reminders to guests via email or SMS giving the option to cancel a booking with ease. All of the above are procedures that are available through TouchReservation, there to help combat and deter customers from not showing up to reservations.A women is using laptop

The ability to promote discounts and offers to a customer base throughout quiet periods is another feature available with an online reservation system such as TouchReservation.

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