We can beat any LIKE FOR LIKE quote

If we can’t we’ll give you £50*  

Our Price Promise

We offer you the best quotes available in the card payment processing market, and we can meet any like-for-like quote. We are so sure about this, in fact, that we offer you money for your time if it isn’t so! If upon trying our service, we don’t beat your current processing fees, we give you £50 cash for your time, no questions asked.

We offer you rates as low as half of what you would find somewhere else. We also dedicate our efforts to ensure that our rates are accessible to every business type, big or small.

Our Dedication

We are CutPay Merchant Services, and we are here to help you change the way you view the fees you pay for this kind of services. As a young, dynamic UK-based company, we are dedicated to delivering you the best services at the lowest price, currently being the most cost-effective provider on the related market. We make having a credit card terminal totally worth it

Low Rates

CutPay offers the lowest rates you can find while other services charge exorbitant processing rates that syphon away your profit and take away from the value of the initial transaction. Thus, with every transaction you make, you lose a significant amount of money, and if you’re a big business, those rates rack up hundreds or thousands of pounds away from you and into the pockets of your provider.

Customer Support

we also offer you excellent customer service and care by having a team of experts standing by to assist you with set up and usage, being the only ones that offer such inclusive services at affordable prices.

Why We're Trusted by so many Businesses

More Customers

By installing a credit card payment system, you are tapping directly into one of the most used forms of payment on the planet. Payment variety attracts customers because they don’t have to worry about the amount of cash they carry, and they can also buy more from you without fearing their security and carrying huge amounts of cash.


Less Overhead Cost

You pay us less than other providers to use our services. We believe in making credit card services available to every business, so even the smallest of companies will find our rates affordable. When changing to CutPay, you will immediately notice how much less using us costs rather than other providers.

More Profit

With our low rates, we ensure that you make a healthy profit with each transaction.Big payment fees steal away your revenue, but ours are minimal, maximising your profit once you switch to us.

No Refund Charges

Other services have transaction fees on refunds, but we realize that making you lose profit for every item a customer returns isn’t good for you, or for us, therefore, we don’t charge for refunds.


24/7 Customer Service

We offer you constant support if you use our services. Our UK-based customer support team will always be there to offer help when you need it.


Up-to-Date Terminals

We offer you the latest payment terminal technologies including contactless and applepay, at attractive rental rates.