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    Focus On the Customer, Not On Mundane Tasks!

    Our eco-friendly EPOS Solution is powered by ICRTouch Software which is a reputable brand that has been built over 35 years and is serving over 130,000 businesses. The ICRTouch software is renowned for its ability to combine simplicity with complexity, making it convenient to use its highly advanced and complicated features.

    ICRTouch Software helps you focus on customer experience while your orders, sales, inventory, payroll and reporting are digitally managed.

    Stay on top of your orders and reduce waste or damage with our inventory management system.

    Boost staff productivity with by tracking their performance and offering incentives with our employee management system.

    Manage menu and pricing at the touch of a button from the comfort of your EPOS system.

    Offer table reservations to your customers via our Touchless Order & Pay app.

    Increase your profitability by staying on top of important sales and inventory figures with our 24/7 real-time reporting system.

    Popular Features

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    Our EPOS Systems Come In All Shapes & Sizes!

    Customized Skin Available For Your Business!

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    Hospitality Skin

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    Retail Skin

    Scale Your Business With Our EPOS systems

    Our multi-outlet functionality meets the demand of a growing business. Our EPOS system can be quickly deployed in any new outlet or branch – be it in 1 or in thousands!

    Integrated Payment Solutions Offered

    We offer you an integrated card machine to keep up with growing demand for contactless and digital payments. Reduce errors and save customers’ time!

    Chip & Pin Card Payments

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    Mobile Payments

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    Why Choose CutPay’s EPOS Systems?

    Sleek / Bespoke Design

    Our EPOS system is not just highly efficient, but also stylish and eye-catching. It delivers a state-of-the-art look, feel and performance to your business like no one else does!

    Best Value Guaranteed

    Our EPOS system comes with a host of unparalleled benefits that give you a bang for your buck! It’s like having Apple technology and looks, with a Samsung price tag. We will bear ANY like for like quote!

    Ease of Use

    Combining the latest digital technology and industry standards, our EPOS solution comes with a reliable system that is simple to set-up, use and maintain. It is a user-friendly EPOS system that doesn’t require constant technical support, but if you need it, we’re here for you!

    Express Service

    Our dedicated staff are there to listen to all your needs and solve your problems in no time.


    We make sustainability an affordable option today for businesses of all sizes and sectors. From hospitality to retail and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

    A Connected Vision

    Our integrated technologies provide a complete view of your operations and data. Through intuitive reporting we enable businesses to minimize their operational costs, waste and carbon footprint while understanding the impact on their business.


    What Clients Say About Us!

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    Gary Macbeth

    - Sea Chef Hexham

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    I have been a customer with Cutpay for 2 years with regard to having a card terminal with them. I have recently looked into getting an EPOS system, and decided to ring them for more info on one of their systems.

    Their friendliness and dedication to getting what the customer wants and needs, was first class, nothing was too much trouble and helped me configure the system exactly to what I wanted.

    Would recommend Cutpay for their professional, friendly and on going support.

    Nbig Red Oventrn Png

    Scott Gibbon

    – Big Red Oven

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    A Must For Any Retail Business 

    Since discovering cut pay my life has been made so much easier, the Epos Systems are second to none and combined with their PDQ facilities I’d say there is nobody to touch them! From their sales to tech help someone has always been hand to sort out any issues I’ve had and pointed me in the right direction.

    I’d recommend them to anyone in any line of business.

    Fastfry Trn Png

    Shane Prince

    – Fast Fry

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    Really pleased with our level of support from the first contact, through initial set up and beyond. Rachel was brilliant, excellent customer service!

    Trusted Partners

    Frequently Asked Questions

    EPOS software runs on all Windows operating systems – from Windows 95, XP, Vista to the latest Windows 11 today.

    Yes, you may. We will install the software on your existing hardware provided it is a Windows operating system.

    Our EPOS system comes with a cloud-based based management tool called TouchOffice Web that saves your data in real-time. It also provides you insightful reports which can be used for forecasting and planning. However, this software comes at a rental cost of £25 per month.

    Our EPOS system would require an internet connection if TouchOffice Web is leased at a monthly rental cost of £25pm.

    The EPOS till can work without an internet if TouchOffice Web is not leased. However, it would not have the added benefit of real-time recording of data on a cloud based system; hence, you would not be able to generate insightful reports and make business plans accordingly. And if your system crashes, your entire data will be lost!

    Touchless Order & Pay is an independent online ordering app which can be purchased without buying a complete EPOS system from us.

    Some of our other modules work independently while others need to be purchased with TouchOffice Web.

    TouchStock, TouchReservation and TouchTakeaway cannot be purchased without TouchOfficeWeb.

    Our EPOS system uses TouchOffice Web to keep a reliable and accurate record of your staff time and attendance.

    None of your data will be lost if you opt for TouchOffice Web on a rental basis along with our EPOS system. All data collected on TouchOffice Web is saved on the internet cloud. So your data can be easily recovered if you opt for TouchOffice Web.

    However, if you do not opt for TouchOffice Web on a rental basis, your record will not be maintained on the cloud system and will be lost if the EPOS system crashes.

    Yes, the administrator of TouchOffice Web can view a wide array of reports and analyse transaction level details.

    Yes, we offer add-ons for software and other accessories for hardware.

    A restaurant may purchase Touchless Order & Pay for online ordering. Some software features may be purchased independently from TouchOffice Web. A retail store might buy TouchStock to maintain stock levels.

    We also sell accessories like cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer and weighing scales to support hardware.

    Yes, our EPOS system comes with a feature called Self-Service. Customers are able to place their orders and pay in-store independently without any assistance from a member of staff.

    Kiosk stations can be used by customers to place their orders and pay without going to the counter. Touchless screens at the table can also allow customers to place their orders without any assistance from the waiting staff.

    Employee stations can be utilized by staff to place orders at various points on-site.

    Yes, of course. However, our EPOS system only works on Windows operating systems. It does not work on Apple or Linux systems.

    Yes, you get to choose the colour of your P2C terminal cover. Our EPOS systems come in a variety of vibrant colours that suit diverse surroundings. In fact, the colour options are customizable. Brand colors can also be negotiated and implemented.

    Our team of experts is very good at helping clients extract data from their old EPOS systems. However, it also depends on the technology used in the old EPOS system. Some systems allow us to extract information about customers and products but not individual transactions.

    Yes, our cloud-based system ensures you can access back-office details related to stock, sales and promotions at any time. You may also adjust the discounts and promotions.

    On the other hand, TouchOffice Web allows you to access a wide array of reports from your phone, tablet or computer at any time.

    Yes, you can build loyal customers by rewarding them with TouchLoyalty. Customers may be rewarded by an instant discount on their purchases. Point schemes may be offered to encourage customers to make repeat purchases to avail a deferred discount or some other reward.

    Our multi-outlet functionality meets the demand of a growing business. Our EPOS system can be quickly deployed in any new outlet or branch – be it in 1 or in thousands!

    Our EPOS system also offers a host of great add-on packages. Our products and offerings complement each other which may be combined to meet your customized requirements.

    Yes, your staff will only be able to view details to the level of access granted to them according to the role granted to them in the system.

    Secure sign-on methods in TouchOffice web ensure that only authorized persons can access the till. Also sensitive operations can be restricted for certain persons, like refunds and voids. Employee clocking in and clocking out can also be monitored.

    Yes, Our EPOS system allows you to manage and control your inventory.

    TouchStock is a hand-held stock control software which allows you to maintain inventory. You can easily count stock, scan barcodes, checks deliveries and even generate labels.

    Touch Stock can also be synced with TouchOffice Web+ to update stock quantities and create orders.

    Yes, our EPOS system comes with the essential P2C 100 Series and other accessories.

    P2C 100 Series is a revolutionary and high-end EPOS solution that is not only stylish and chic but also efficient and effective in streamlining business operations.

    This shiny, slim and sleek style POS system gives a premium feel and has a variety of features that make the ordering process smooth and easy.

    The P2C terminal comes with a 15” Bezel-less touchless screen. The terminal is IP66-certified which means it is water/splash proof.

    It comes with the world’s first left and right I/O ports for efficient management, and offers a low-heat and near-silent fanless structure. It also comes with an installed security module to prevent breach or leakage of information. (EMV certified)

    We also offer the following accessories and peripherals:
    i. Cash drawer
    ii. Receipt printer
    iii. Retail scales
    iv. Barcode scanner
    v. Thermal PDQ Rolls
    vi. Thermal Till Rolls

    Although we have standard rates for our EPOS system and accessories, we can do a like-for-like comparison for you and beat the rates of your current EPOS provider

    Yes, our wireless printers can be connected to your desktop, laptop and tablet.

    Yes, our EPOS system comes with a feature called PocketTouch. PocketTouch is a handheld software solution for taking food and drink orders. Orders are taken via digital handheld order pads and sent straight to the kitchen or bar. This allows the waiting staff to focus on enhancing customer experience without having to go to the kitchen or bar staff to inform them about the order.

    Special notes can be added to keep the kitchen staff informed about customer requests like allergies. Also, the staff are readily informed about the items in stock and they do not have to double check that information. Mistakes are significantly reduced because the entire process is digitalized and mobile.

    PocketTouch also offers a Multi-Level store plan that allows you to monitor the happenings on-site. Names and numbers can be assigned to tables to enable the waiting staff to give a more personalized service to guests. Status of tables may be checked; for example,you can find out if the order at a particular table has been closed, how many items have been ordered, what the total bill amount is or if the bill has been printed.

    Our EPOS system come with a series of full-proof tools to ensure the security of your data and equipment.

    TouchOffice Web runs on a cloud-based system; therefore, any lost data can be easily recovered.

    Secure sign-on methods ensure that only authorized persons can access the till. Also sensitive operations can be restricted for certain persons, like refunds and voids. Employee clocking in and clocking out can also be monitored.

    CCTV integration with our EPOS system prevents casual theft by staff and customers. The Electronic Journal from the TouchPoint till can be captured by a high-quality CCTV camera and overlayed with the recorded image.

    A complete audit trail of business transactions lets you know which member of staff performed which task. This allows you to investigate theft or any other misconduct.

    Our EPOS system uses TouchPoint and TouchOffice Web for integration with many webshop platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Opencart and Magento. This allows businesses to sell their products online.

    Our EPOS system can be integrated with various kinds of payment terminals be it fixed, portable or mobile.

    We can provide you card machines from our sister company, CutPay, as well which offers a variety of latest SMART terminals including PAXA920 (a card machine which works both as a portable or mobile terminal)

    Our EPOS system can use TouchOffice Web to integrate with 3 HMRC accounting packages, namely Quickbooks, Sage50 and Xero.

    Our EPOS system supports a variety of payment modes including chip and pin cards, contactless payments, debit cards, credit cards and mobile payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay).

    Cash may also be collected in the cash drawer – which can purchased with our EPOS system till as an accessory

    We help you set up the EPOS system free of cost. We answer all your questions related to installation and implementation of the system.

    In fact, we will be available on site the day you go live to ensure your EPOS system starts running smoothly from day 1.

    We will also train your staff on every aspect of the EPOS system. Further training will also be provided if needed.

    We will also provide maintenance services for as long as you are our client. You may reach out to us to report any problem with the EPOS system.

    Our helpline is open from Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.

    Our team is committed to providing you the best service possible. Our EPOS system is designed to be scaleable. We can provide tills to support thousands of stores and branches if need be.

    We provide EPOS tills for concerts, charities, sport shows and other events. Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need an EPOS system for a brief period of time like a few days or even just a few hours!

    Yes, you can enable some features for one location and not for the other with the power of TouchOffice Web. Various custom keys can be enabled or disabled for some EPOS systems or all of them, or even just one of them.

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    We will reach out to you within 24 hours and discuss your specific needs!

      By submitting this information, you are giving us permission to get in touch with you by phone and email, and to receiving marketing communication. You may unsubscribe any time.

      We will handle your information according to our Privacy Policy.